Who We Work With


Superior LTC serves fee-only financial advisors who want to completely outsource  their “Dept. of Long-Term Care”

Financial advisors who do comprehensive financial planning offer their clients a variety of different services including:

  • Setting financial and estate planning objectives
  • Employee benefits planning
  • Investment planning
  • Income tax planning
  • Estate planning

    While you may not be involved in the specifics of each area of financial planning, you have access to a core of trusted professionals who are experts in  that particular area. For example, you  refer clients with tax issues to a CPA or a client creating a will to an estate planning attorney.

    But the issue of planning for long-term care has been a thorn in your side for years now. While recognizing the importance of including LTC Planning in a clients overall financial plan and cognizant of the potential liability inherent in NOT addressing long-term care, you just haven’t had an objective resource to turn to for help.

    Since you don’t have the time or desire to become an LTC Planning expert yourself, there’s  a tendency to just ignore the resulting gap in the client’s financial plan. Or, and maybe even worse, you recommend that your client get in touch with their local insurance agent about long-term care insurance. Working solely with an insurance agent without any integration with their financial and estate plan can be detrimental to the clients future financial security- exactly what you’ve been entrusted to protect.

    The Superior LTC MSP program is a total solution for fee-only advisors that offers completely objective LTC advice and services. This proprietary service  eliminates the frustrations of dealing with the issue of long-term care while allowing you to offer your clients the answers they want.

    Not all financial advisors will qualify to become a Superior LTC MSP firm.  We only work with fee-only advisors who do not sell any type of insurance or financial product. Firms that generally benefit the most from our services are ones with more than 100 clients being served by 2 or more advisors. Independent firms that are not limited by a tight corporate structure have an easier time implementing the MSP program within their organization.

    If you think your firm fits the profile above and has been searching for a solution to the long-term care planning problem, we suggest you learn more in the “How We Work” section.


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