Case Studies

Promises, guarantees, and accolades mean nothing if not substantiated by actual RESULTS. The following are true stories of how our MSP program has benefited both financial advisors and their clients.

Case #1: Young Widow investigating LTC Insurance becomes a new client of MSP Firm

We have always been pleased with the services provided by Superior LTC but when we acquired a new client through our relationship with them, you can bet that relationship was sealed! A young woman, recently widowed, had been advised by her CPA to investigate long-term care insurance. Over the course of their discussions, Allen determined that this woman really required the services of a financial advisor. He told her about us, how we work with clients, and how he felt she could benefit from at least a one time consultation. That one time consultation has turned into a valuable client relationship. I never would have thought that getting new clients would be a part of the package!

 Case #2: Client is remimbursed over $10,000 for her fathers long-term care expenses

About a year after we placed my dad in an assisted living facility, our financial advisor sent us an invitation to join a webinar, where we could learn more about some new services their firm was offering related to the issue of long-term care. After the webinar, I called the host, Allen Hamm, to ask him if he knew an attorney who did Medicaid Planning as I could see that eventually we would no longer be able to afford the cost of his care.  As a passing remark, I told Allen that my father had purchased LTC insurance coverage years ago, but because he had Alzheimer’s Disease we knew it wouldn’t cover his care. He looked at me with a surprise look on his face and explained that my father should qualify for benefits. To make a long story short,  his firm helped us with not only filing the claim’s paperwork, but they also got the insurance benefits paid RETROACTIVELY for the time he had been in the facility! Without this service, I may have never filed a claim! Our finances are now back under control.


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